What is kOpenStealth ?
kOpenStealth is a unique tool, allows you to gain advantage over normal players. In the enemy map, you can easily find the enemy, kOpenStealth will show the enemy as a  red rectangle like in x-1 on minimap, so it will be easier for you to search them or to run from them when you kill some aliens in your map or uber map, it will be easier to distinguish red points from NPC / alien with a rectangle on the minimap are the enemy, so you know to retreat to non-attack zone. It shows in numbers the life or shield from any NPC / alien and ships, which allows time to decide what weapons to use on that. You can see the invisible players, easy distinguish from other ships, you dont see the drones and formation from the ship. You should not bother anymore for clicking on ships / NPC / aliens or even from the same company, for example if you have war is not a problem for you, you can autolock them, otherwise during an attack can be selected to fire automatic RSB every 3 seconds and back to your ammunition selected on game.

Those who know kerkava, kOpenStealth is a superior tool than kerkava. IS 100% SAFE! Besides always get updates (updates can take sometimes even 1 year), this is not a cracked version. And it is not detectable at all.

What kOpenStealth can do?
- you can see invisible ships
- autolock (autoclick) ships, ships from same company, alien / npc
- replace CPU diplomacy relationship (for example when you are premium, on minimap you can see with green those who are your ally, or when you have war with red)
- show enemy on any map with a rectangle on the minimap (like in x-1)
- show in numbers the HitPoints / shield for enemy or aliens
- automatic switch on RSB every 3 seconds and back to selected ammunition, reaching for a maximum damage
- auto-switch configuration
- Galaxy Gates (all gates)
- flying around barriers (like in 5-x maps)
- show resources on minimap (prometium, endurium, terbium, palladium, cargo box, bonus box, holiday box, green booty, yellow booty)
- collect palladium !

How to buy / order / move license (even if you are not banned) ???
Click here to see all instruction for buying and methods of paying, and also how to activate instant

Download kOpenStealth and test for 24 hours:
kOpenStealth trial

How to configure:
- Run kOpenStealth (allow all)
- Start browser and set proxy to port 3128
- Configure kOpenStealth what to do
a) Anti-camo, show invisible
b) Auto lock (enemy, aliens, all) - self explained... hit CTRL in game to auto-lock
c) show hitpoints, HP/SHIELD from ship or npc
d) switch configuration, automatic swtich when shield down
e) RSB-75 changer, will combine selected ammo in map (for example x4) + selected ammo in kOpenStealth
f) Collect Palladium, will be available only when you are on blue fog (blue color from minimap) where is palladium and will collect automatically
g) Galaxy Gates, will be available only when you are on gate and will do the gate automatically

How to start newer version of kOpenStealth ?
Follow this video and the steps from there.
If they are other problems you can check this FAQ.

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