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Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Before all, if kBot or kerkava is not working check manually in game to see if works darkorbit, check all the time the website to see if new version and check always the STATUS from our website.

Q: How i start / run kBot or kerkava ?
A: Very simple, follow the steps from this link (use translate)

Q: Where I find CUSTOMER ID (Control Center) and for what I need ?
A: Open kBot or kerkava, login to your account on kbot or kerkava with succes where you want the license, now in right bottom of screen near clock you will see a green arrow named Control Center, click on that, the red number is your CUSTOMER ID, and you must have now your USERID on that list where you want license. I need all this data to can activate fast your license.

Q: Why appear on my Control Center, Customer OFFLINE ?
A: License server JABBER is down, just have patience until he will come back, there is nothing to do, don`t spam me.

Q: For no reason (I am really not stupid and put correct info) I get the error "Unable to connect... Wrong Jabber ..........." also the Customer is OFFLNE, what is happening ?
A: There are problems to JABBER server, this will affect only new buyers/clients. If you have license will work all products. Also dont cry and spam, nobody can help, just wait.

Q: Why when it goes to step "Checking license…" remain there ?
A: Very simple, the license are now in JABBER servers, this JABBER server it seems have brakes down time to time, because of overloading the request, so please don`t contact me, there is nothing to do, just have patience and try more or later.

Q: Why when it goes to step "Checking license…" it gives me the error  "The license server is being updated, please try again later" or similar in your kBot language ?
A: It`s obiousvly that you must try later, they are changes to DarkOrbit (anti-ban feature), so for your safety just wait and try later.

Q: Why when it goes to step "Get server list" give the error: "Unknown server" ?
A: Because you put wrong username or password from your darkorbit account.

Q: Why it gives the error "Unable to connect … Wrong Jabber(Kbot control center) Username(ID) or Password(PIN)" ?
A: You put the wrong username or password of your JABBER account in Control Center OR problems to control center, just try more or later, don`t spam me.

Q: Why kerkava is not working and is taking me out of map, is acting wierd ?
A: License server JABBER is down, or try more until you get connected, the kerkava is not taking your license thats why is acting wierd, there is nothing to do, don`t spam me.

Q: Why when it goes to step "Checking license…" give the error: ERROR ?
A: It might be problem at your JABBER account, so make a new account to JABBER without special characters, put in control center, restart your computer and enter again to kBot or kerkava, if not the JABBER server is overloaded.
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