kBot and kerkava for DarkOrbit browsergame
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CONTEST: The bunny arrive at Happy Easter with a free license for kBot noGG or kerkava 6 months !!

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Who will win the free license ?
The contest is simple, who buy the first, and send the email correct with all information needed (userid, customer id, what product, prove of payment, and the free license where to be and what to be) get the free license.
Example: I have buyed with paypal and after that I send email to kbotdarkorbit@yahoo.com like this:
"Hi, my name is BestBots and I have buyed with paypal with name or email of paypal and the needed data:
- userid 123456
- customerid 1234567890
- kbot gg or kerkava 1 year
- my name of paypal or email of paypal.. or the forward of paypal payment.
- free license to be on userid 654321 and customer id 0987654321 with kbot noGG or kerkava 6 months"

When is the contest and what to do?
On 24 April is Happy Easter, and then will be the contest within hours 21:00-22:00 PM GMT+2 (clock from Romania)
You must buy a license (a kBot GG or kerkava 1 year !!) on 24 April, within hours 21:00-22:00 PM GMT+2 and immediat send me email with all data needed.
ONLY THE FIRST MAIL WITH ALL DATA NEEDED will win the contest from 24 April, within hours 21:00-22:00 PM GMT+2.

Where do I know that www.bestbots.ro don`t cheat with contest?
The winner when I pickup from email will be recorded with hypercam, all video, how I enter on first email and how I pay for buyed license and one free license that he won and will be uploaded on youtube.

You must follow what I said to send on email and only who buy kBot GG or kerkava 1 year... will can win the free license.

So people get focused on 24 April within hours 21:00-22:00 PM GMT+2 for one free license !!! The fastest get the prize !
For this contest only who buy via PAYPAL and PAYSAFECARD EURO !

How to buy here

go to ---->  www.bestbots.ro