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Short info
Until today 31.07.2011 we managed to sell over 5000 licenses for kBot and kerkava, the highest selling for resellers and sellers.
We are the oldest reseller and partnership with Ivan, more than 12 months.
And also best support for darkorbit, kBot and kerkava.. from 5000 customers no one wait more than 12 hours to get an response, we think this is very pro since only 2 persons take care to www.bestbots.ro, average response is from 1 hour to 3-4 hour...

So we like to celebrate our performance with a contest that nobody can cheat..
It is very simple:
1. You must have an account to our forum http://www.bestbots.ro/forum/
2. Now go here to this thread and make a post only with a number, from 1 to 200
3. Random.org will make the winner, I will make a video to prove what number is the winner
4. Now I check the winning number in the thread mentioned in step 2
5. You get a free license if you comply with step a. and b. OR c., step i. and ii.

When will be available the contest and what condition I must comply ?
a. The contest start from 31.07.2011 until 14.08.2011
b. In this period, if you want to participate, you must buy at least 1 license (kBot GG or kerkava premium) OR (c)
c. (b) OR if you have at least 50 posts on our forum and oldness at least 3 weeks

What I must do to take my free license?
i. If you are the winner you will be noticed in the thread mentioned in step2, to give me an email with:
- buyed license (userid, customer id, payment) OR read step c. (no more to buy)
- free license where to be (userid, customer id)
ii. Next you will confirm in thread mentioned in step2 IF you received the free license, to know all people that is all true
iii. If you will not respond to take your free license in 2 days, you will loose it

www.bestbots.ro wish you a good life, and the bot to do all "shit" for you =)

This time nobody get lucky, but stay focused on next contests :)
Video proof:

go to ---->  www.bestbots.ro